Fall, get up, grow, and embrace it all. One of the most important things I’ve ever learned from this incredible soul is to be kind to everyone. I believe the world is unfair, even to those who have a pure heart and the greatest intentions. But God is not unfair. God is amazing to all of his children. He puts us with each other to help one another in search for ultimate peace and happiness. She has helped fix me, push me, inspire me to do great things. She is the strongest person I know, mentally and physically. I believe God is going to help me fix her, push her, inspire her, love her, and put her above anything else in this world. With God’s help, we’ll do anything we dream of. Placing our love before God, reassures that the foundation will be strong. Love is not about measurements or amounts, it is loving to the unsurpassable heights that one never knew were there. Love is kisses to a sweaty forehead.

Love is standing right in front of me, and I will never let love go.

You give me too much credit but thank you so much. We’re teammates.

Wildest Moments


this album, man. 

I walked around DT with Andy and we stopped by a 7-Eleven for a soda. There was a lady outside with a sign stating that she was homeless, while another lady who was drinking was standing in front of her, dancing and making fun of her. I was staring at the lady with the sign because her lips were quivering but she stood straight, proud, and fighting back tears. Andy and I were waiting in line so he could pay. I didn’t have any money on me, so I asked Andy, “do you have change?” And he’s like, “why?” I said, “cause the lady outside needs it.” He said that he only had coins. So when we walked out he gave her the change and I felt grateful because he did that. As I walked away, I wanted to cry because one can tell that that woman is struggling. I don’t know her story, but something told me that she’s kind and strong.


People just don’t seem to get it. ‘I love you’ does not mean you belong only to me and I’ll share you with no one else. It means that even if I spent an eternity away from you I’ll still remember how your coffee tastes like, or how you like your tea (extra sugar but no milk), what’s your favorite shampoo scent, and how home should smell like (like fruity shampoo and stingy cologne on the pillow I hide my face in from the early morning sun, like pancakes early on a Sunday morning or late on a Wednesday night, but mostly, like you held in my arms everywhere and every when). Love is not a contract you hold someone’s heart by, love is sharing the ones you love with the world knowing that they’ll always come home to you in the end.
a.m. (via nonelikejesus)

(via nonelikejesus)


It started raining here in LA. After weeks of heat, from one second to the other, it began to pour. I want to believe it’s God giving you a sign, that there is hope. I love you.


I love you so much!

The LA kid craves nature.

July 25, 2014

His and Hers.

The one and only Andy surprised me today with many gifts. He bought me two Zara shirts and new summer dress along with a jacket and blanket. Also, the best for last, books!

Thank you so much.